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Publications and Reports

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Experiences in the small ruminant sector (Andhra Pradesh)

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A Manual for Extension Staff

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Training Needs Assessment in Himachal Pradesh

For Adaptation Planning and Implementation

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Vulnerability & Adaptation
Experiences from Rajasthan & Andhra Pradesh

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Watershed Development

Indo Swiss Participative Watershed Development Project in Karnataka, Phase II

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Towards Adaptation to Climate Change- Synthesis Report

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Interventions and Learning: The experience of the Indo Swiss Project Sikkim

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Experience with village development societies in promoting local governance


Protecting the Climate and Tigers with Fairtrade Rice

Organic farmers who produce rice for Coop can obtain a biogas system.  This reduced greenhouse gases and conflicts with tigers.

cover page for skill development project
Evaluation of Biogas and additional acti

Evaluation of Biogas India Project and additional activities; outcomes of the programme

cover page of the report for UK migratio

Webinar organised on 24th May, 2021

Vocational Skill Development of Youth in Nainital District

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