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Current Openings

Position: Coordinator – Policy and Impact

The Employer: Partners in Prosperity (PnP) is a value-driven organisation who specializes in system-level approaches to analyze complexities, develop solutions and help implement the same towards achieving equitable economic and social development outcomes, in pursuing Sustainable Development Goals.  


Place of position: Delhi

Brief Job Description: The Coordinator - Policy and Impact will provide strategic leadership on the integrated functioning of the organization's program development, policy research & evidence, and advocacy and campaigns teams, optimizing the linkages between the on-the-ground work and the ability to influence and mobilize resources from donors and partners, as well as anticipating and driving how the organization will need to evolve in the next 3-5 years. As a key member of the team, contribute substantially to the development and execution of the organization's strategy and cross-functional working.


  • Mapping of  all Project farmers

  • Prepare various maps and figures, including: contour maps of groundwater elevations, geologic structure, cross-sections, water quality, and other hydrogeologic data.

  • Provide GIS & RS (LULC, Georeferencing, Digitization, Spatial analysis, Mapping etc.) and data management

  • Expertise to the environment / water / agriculture based research projects

  • Extensively take research, and assist the team with the data for new proposals, or for existing projects,  prepare the draft reports on the basis of the points shared by the National Advisor -  written reports and make oral presentations

  • Submitting Progress reports and other reports as required by management from time to time.

  • Responsible for ensuring award management systems and processes are implemented across the life of an award (opportunity to close-out) and continuously improved.

  • Ensure that the organization meets its commitments to donors, delivering every project on time and within budget.

  • Ensure reporting to the Management Committee and other stakeholders on results.

  • Ensure that technical advice is obtained at key stages of project implementation (as well as design, above) and that recommendations are followed up.



Master’s level degree in Physical Geography or Water Resources Management/geoscience, environmental science, sociology or engineering with a concentration in hydrology or water science/ remote sensing, etc., Effectively manage project-related requirements.

Demonstrated working experience in remote sensing, landscape mapping, and data analysis.


Note: The roles and responsibilities outlined above are not meant to be an exhaustive list of tasks. The need for flexibility is required and the job holder is expected to carry out any other related duties that are within the employee's skills and abilities whenever reasonably instructed.


Work With Us


If interested for project-based engagements, please share your CV in the attached format and email it to us at

We will get in touch with you as and when required.

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