Current Openings

Volunteers/Young Professionals
Location: Delhi

PnP is looking for Young Professionals (YPs) / Volunteers to assist  in Communication & networking through the following:

Fundraising; Event coordination; Photography; Event planning; Social media and blogging; Website development; Content Development; Bi-monthly Newsletter; Proposal Writing; Documenting best practice; Policies and procedures; Logistical work; Programme support; Advocacy & networking; 

Conducting pilot study; Developing Appraisal Policy; Developing SOP;

Social work tasks including Non formal education, Recreation, art & craft etc for beneficiaries will be required to provide high quality inputs in disciplines like Agriculture/Economics/ Finance/Education/Health /Nutrition/Women & Children issues.   

This would require demonstration of proven academic credentials, professional aspirations and leadership qualities on the part of the aspirants.


Work With Us


If interested for project-based engagements, please share your CV in the attached format and email it to us at

We will get in touch with you as and when required.

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